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Leadership Message


Dear Friends,


Thank you for visiting the site. I hope everyone is continuing to do well and staying safe. These are very difficult times across the country, and we look forward to returning to “normal” one day soon.


This continues to be a very difficult time, as well, for the U.S. auto industry. The economic impact from the coronavirus – on top of the existing challenges we faced and increased competition that flooded the market with too much glass –is creating devastating effects for many.


But I remain optimistic about our future. I believe we are taking the right steps to adjust to whatever “new normal” will emerge for our industry. We have great engineering and process talent and dedicated craftsmen. We have made wise investments in future technology that will be of tremendous value to our customers. I believe in Vitro and in our future.


We will continue to keep this site updated as we get more information about the return of the U.S. auto market and manufacturers’ plans for the future. I respect and appreciate all you do.




Salvador Minarro 


Vitro Automotive Glass

“WARN” Notices

When Vitro issued furloughs in early March to employees, we fully planned to return to regular operations within weeks. We still fully plan to resume operations at some point – however, the economic downturn and the uncertain timeframe for the return of U.S. auto manufacturing is delaying our return-to-work plans.


Given this delay, we are mailing a notice to each employee – called a WARN Notice – which describes the need to extend our furloughs. Again, we fully intend at this point to return to regular operations at your location whenever the U.S. auto manufacturing market returns.


Unfortunately, at this point, our intended return to work may be a matter of months for some employees, rather than our original expectation of only weeks. The return of the U.S. auto market remains very unclear at this time.


We will continue to keep everyone apprised on our return-to-work plans as soon as we have more information.


Thank you.